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Firearms Safety Instruction

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Classes Start  8:00 AM  (All Day - 8 Hour Class)

Advance Registration Only 

Class Rates



Concealed Carry Permit Class

Includes Firearm Safety classroom materials 

& Live Fire Qualification *

$100 Per Person

$150 Per Couple

21 years old  (over 18 Active Military)

No Felony Convictions **

No Mental Commitments **

Firearms Safety Class    ( No Live Fire - No Permit )

Includes all classroom materials & Completion Certificate


$ 50 Ea 12 years or older 

( Under 18 Requires Parental Release Form)

Bring your own guns & ammo   or  
Rental Guns available for Live Fire ( 22cal only) $10 Revolver & Semi-Auto Pistol
Ammunition available for 22 cal $10 ** 80 Rounds
Vipertek Stun Gun VTS-880-1 $30 Black or Pink  (includes belt case)


* Students will be required to fire 40 rounds from both a revolver and a semi-auto handgun.

Instructor Qualification Form upon Completion.

Morning hours will consist of classroom training on Missouri Statutes 571 & 563 - Afternoon classroom Safety Training and Hands on Weapons training. * After classroom will be range training for live fire.

** Ammo prices subject to change.

We are located in Rogersville, Missouri